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xrl's IfParty report, Parte 1

Em primeiro lugar peço desculpa por tê-lo escrito em Inglês. E agora segue-se a primeira parte da minha reportagem sobre a IfParty.

On a windy Lisbon morning I woke up with a phone ringing. It was my group mate KosmiC_Khaoz, asking if I had some sort of cable, and electric extension or a network cable. I don't know – I was sleeping, remember? After that it was time for me to get out of my bed, so I had a bath, got dressed, and packed my scener gear (a therm with tea, earl-grey for the matter, some cookies, a vintage sleeping bag, my laptop, my NDS, headphones, and something more like a towel and a toothbrush). It was time to go, all I had to do was waiting for The Magnificent Jeenio. A few minutes before the rendez-vouz time I receive a SMS with “Quem diz 12:00 diz 12:30.” (Who says 12:00 says 12:30.). At 13:00 (one hour after the supposed time) Kosmik_Khaoz arrives, and one hour later The Magnificent Jeenio shows up too. It was time to go.
After a few hours on the road we arrive at Vila Nova de Gaia. It was a cold and windy afternoon. The Magnificent Jeenio visits he's human family for the last time before he's only interaction is with weird sceners. Next the amazing scenept crew gets ps, the almighty Scene.org person thingy. Moments later we stop at a weird crossroad, and after one hour of waiting our crew is complete: Breakneck arrives with his modern scener-beard. It was getting dark, so we had to stop at a gas-station to get some lights for the Scene-Mobil (Jeenio's car). Et voilà! Next stop: Valencia, Spain.
After 11 weird hours on the road, singing with fish's names, we arrive. At 07:00 (local time) of the 25th of March of 2006 we were in Valencia. It was hot, and not a single breath of wind. It looked like Spain. ps phones someone, and a few minutes later we were at “Universidad Politecnica De Valencia”, the party place. A nice bright room with windows, and little card birds to prevent them of “estrelating” against the windows, my first foreign demoparty. Slack gives us our id badges and we install ourselves. The front-right corner was our territory. Well... my computer and backpack were there. Things settled it was time for me to start trying to finish my 64kb intro. A few minutes after I was out of tea, and cookies. Bad luck. That was the ruin of my intro. As the morning faded away, the room started to fill with students that didn't notice there was a party going on. Pretty odd... but a few hours later when all the sceners woke up the students got scared an run away. In the afternoon some try to finish their prods and works, others hang around and talk... the usual.
At 18:00 it was time for the workshops to start. There were two of them. “How to fuck the scene” in Spanish, and “blah blah 4kb blah blah”. Some time before someone, Slack and Octal, appeared with our party t-shirts. There were green and blue ones, and were nice and cheap.

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Anonymous Anónimo disse...

nice report :D

23/4/06 21:51  
Blogger jeenio disse...


e falta a versão portuguesa...

2/5/06 23:22  
Anonymous Anónimo disse...

Stash gives us our id badges and we install ourselves.

who is Stash? it was me, slack (aka the only organizer semi-awake at 7:00 AM thanks to ps' phone call some minutes before)

3/5/06 01:48  
Blogger xernobyl disse...

Sorrrrry. Fixed.

7/5/06 15:55  

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