quinta-feira, agosto 31, 2006


como a esta hora já devem saber, este ano a inérciaDemoparty vai ser organizada dentro da Games2006, um evento da Aproje. exactamente por saberem tudo, este post não é para vocês. :)

this post is, in fact, to our dear foreign visitors, specially nuestros hermanos from around the corner - that is, Spain. if you have any questions regarding inerciaDemoparty2006, just post a comment to this post someone will probably answer. if not, bother ps directly, he is used to that on pouet.


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Anonymous Anónimo disse...

I have a few questions:
- where can I register?
- how much is the registration fee?
- will I be able to attend the Games2006 conference too or I have to register for that separately?

31/8/06 03:03  
Blogger Filipe 'ps' Cruz disse...

moi slack:
- registrations arent open yet
- its rumoured to be 40e but i have some free entrances to give away to active foreign sceners and i believe you qualify as one so i'll add you to the shortlist :)
- no need to register seperatly, entrance to the conferences are free for all games2006 visitors, only extra registration required will be if you want to be part of a specific workshop.

31/8/06 13:44  
Anonymous Anónimo disse...

what are the winner prices for the demo/64k compo ?

2/9/06 16:01  
Anonymous Anónimo disse...

eu vou ah inercia niggaz!!!!
tamos la lots of fun \o/ :D

2/9/06 19:28  
Blogger Filipe 'ps' Cruz disse...

anonymous: the ammount is still to be confirmed, but it should be money. more then enough to pay travelling from abroad.

2/9/06 21:12  
Anonymous Anónimo disse...

Hi ppl!

I've seen in pouet a post by ps saying that the party location is near Badajoz. Does exist trains or buses from Badajoz to the partyplace?

3/9/06 00:57  
Blogger Filipe 'ps' Cruz disse...

we'll most probably have a shuttlebus to badajoz yes. i'll still have to confirm it though.

in the mean time, registration has opened for people in portugal.
there are some tickets for demoparty places reserved for sceners (to make sure we get the sceners in the demoparty place before the gamers sell out the place) i'll post you some more info about that soon.

3/9/06 19:50  

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