sábado, janeiro 06, 2007

Uma leitura imprescindível

Eu acho isto uma leitura imprescindível a qualquer interessado sobre a demoscene. Trata-se de um party report da Plutonium Party. Uma party organizada pelos Plutonium Crackers 2001, em 1984, um ano antes de eu ter nascido.

Our visitors got themselves written permission from their parents or faked those, to be able to ride alone in the train or bus to the party.
Don't be surprised - the average sceners' age back then was between 12 and 16.

There have been no official compos or prices, but some live cracking was going on, as well as some unofficial tune-ripping competition.
That was the time when crackers, democoders, musicians, gfx'ers and even hackers counted themselves to the common family of computer freax...

Podem lê-lo aqui.